Who can participate?

This is a program for high school students struggling with problematic or disordered video gaming or screen use.

As the program is only ever offered in or near Sydney NSW, and runs across several months, participants would probably need to be located within driving distance of Sydney.

We expect participants (the teenager and at least one parent or guardian) to commit fully to the program, and to attend all sessions. A huge amount of work, most of it by volunteers, has gone into making this program possible. We can only take small numbers and so it is crucial that all participants fully participate.


There are also some inclusion criteria:

  • Participants must be high school students;
  • For ethical reasons, participants cannot have one of the following conditions:
    • Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, or another illness with symptoms of psychosis;
    • Another addiction including problem gambling;
    • Any other issue that staff believe would cause the person to be at risk from, or not to benefit from, the program.
  • We can take high functioning teenagers on the autism spectrum, but there are important criteria:
    • They must be attending a regular high school;
    • They must be high functioning (most eligible applicants are at level 1);
    • They must be able to negotiate group work with other teenagers and be able to understand and work with a range of complex concepts;
    • We will need an assurance (usually a psychologist’s report or similar) that the teenage participant has the capacity to benefit from the program and that they are unlikely to be adversely affected by participating in the program.

How do I get into a RES@T program?

Currently there are no RES@T offerings, but we are working hard to find ways to run more. If you are interested, please ask to be added to our email mailing list. When an offering becomes available, we will email the people on that list. You could then send in an
application to enrol.

What will happen if a new offering of RES@T-A Australia is scheduled and my application is accepted?

After you apply to a scheduled offering of the RES@T program, you will receive an email telling you whether or not you have been accepted into the program. This may take a little time, as we sort through and assess the applications. RES@T staff will then contact you by phone or email, to notify you of the schedule and to work out the times for the testing and the individual face to face sessions.

At the first session you will need to read through the Information and Consent Form. Only those who give signed informed consent are able to then start the program. You may decide you don’t want to go ahead with the program, and that is fine.

Program staff will then keep in touch with you to make further appointments for later testing sessions and the individual face to face sessions.

How do I get information, get on the mailing list, or apply?

Just email us at admin@resataus.com. We can send information, put you on the mailing list or answer any questions.

If an offering is made available then you would apply by sending an email to: admin@resataus.com.

In the email please provide:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your contact phone number
  • Your child’s age
  • Your child’s gender
  • Confirmation that your child is eligible as per the criteria above
  • A brief summary of what issues your child is having and why you think this program could be helpful.
  • A commitment to participate in whichever offering is allocated, and to attend all sessions if you are selected to participate.

In applications, please make sure you have answered all the questions.

If your child is on the autism spectrum, please look carefully at the inclusion criteria, and make sure you speak to all of them in the application. Please include a letter from a treating professional that provides an assurance that your child has the capacity to benefit from the program and that they are unlikely to be adversely affected by participating in the program.

If you have any questions, please email us at: admin@resataus.com.